Index of Appendices

The following links show all the current rules and regulations that govern MACI*

Appendix 2T (Outlines the MACI “F3A , Two tier flying system”  last amended 20/1/2009)

Appendix A (Outlines the MACI “Anti Doping Laws”  last amended 27/9/2005)

Appendix B (Outlines the MACI “Code of Ethics with children”  last amended 27/9/2005)

Appendix C (Outlines the MACI “Bye Law for Noise Control”  last amended 25/11/1995)

Appendix D (Outlines the MACI “Bye Law for Flying site approval”  last amended 26/11/2011)

Appendix E (Outlines the MACI “Bye Law for representing Ireland”  last amended 26/02/1983)

Appendix E1 (Outlines the MACI “Funding for representing Ireland”  last amended 28/11/2009)

Appendix F (Outlines the MACI “General Team selection”  last amended 12/05/1984)

Appendix G (Outlines the MACI “Scale Team selection”  last amended 27/01/1990)

Appendix G1 (Outlines the MACI “F3A Team selection”  last amended 25/11/1995)

Appendix H (Outlines the MACI “RC Masters and Novice Schedules”  last amended 21/01/2014)

Appendix I (Outlines the MACI “Procedures for CD’s”  last amended June 2022)

Appendix J (Outlines the MACI “Contest results sheet”  last amended “Unknown date”)

Appendix K (Outlines the MACI “Awarding of IAC Trophies” last amended 25/11/1995)

Appendix L (Outlines the MACI “Training Scheme and Safety Code”  last amended  June 2023 ) (Fixed Wing Training booklet available in the Education Area).

Appendix M (Outlines the MACI “Identification of Models”  last amended 30/11/2002)

Appendix N (Outlines the MACI “Large Model Registration requirements”  last amended 24/05/2016)

Appendix O (Outlines the MACI “Support for competitions”  last amended 05/2024)

Appendix P (Outlines the MACI “Club loan guidelines”  last amended 15/05/2006)

Appendix Q (Outlines the MACI “Gas Turbine Saftey Code”  last amended 15/05/2006)

Appendix R (Outlines the MACI “General Policy Items”  last amended 27/11/2021)

Appendix S (Outlines the MACI “Multirotor Regulations”  last amended 2/8/2016)

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*subject to change , e&oe