The following links are the official MACI form documents *. 

MACI Form for Display Flying Form 1 (Public Display Flying) – updated 28/03/2023

MACI Form for Contest Funding Form 2 (Contest Funding)

MACI Form for Club Loan Application Form 3 (Club Loan Application)

MACI Form for Club Affiliation Form 4 2022 (Club Affiliation)

MACI Form for Club flying site registration 2019 Form 5 (Club Flying Site Registration)

MACI Form for New Large model registration 2022 Form 6 (Large Model Registration)

MACI Form for Large model Annual renewals 2022 Form 7 (Large Model Renewals)

MACI-Form-membership-App-2022 Form 8 (Membership Application 2022)

Achievement Scheme Result Form Form 9 (AB Cert Results taken from Appendix L )

MACI-Team-Funding-Form International Team funding Form 10 (Team Travel)

MACI-Fees-2024-web 2024 Fees structure Form 11

*subject to change.