IAA Documentation


We have completed our negotiations with the IAA for the time being, as European law changes in mid 2017 we will be returning to negotiations to ensure that we maintain our current status.

Opinion No 01 -2018 Introduction of a regulatory framework for the operation of unmanned aircraft systems in the ‘open’ and ‘specific’ categories

NPA-2017-05-A Latest Proposals from the EU on SUA’s published May 2017

MACI / IAA Agreement  Final documented agreement with the IAA published 25/5/2016

www.iaa.ie Model Registration Link to the IAA UAV / All Models Registration page

IAA Model Registration help MACI Help Document for registering a model with the IAA

small-unmanned-aircraft-drones-and-rockets-order-s-i-563-of-2015 The latest SI

Drones questions and answers IAA Publication 2015

Drone safety guidelines IAA Publication 2015

Irish-Aviation-Authority-Rockets-and-Small-Aircraft-Order-2000 S.I 25 of 2000

SMFC ATC 1992 Archive document governing flying at Shannon MFC since 1992

IAA U03 document Temporary Exemption for MACI members (Expired 30/04/16)

IAA U04 document Small Unmanned Aircraft Registration Requirements Issued 21/12/2015

IAA UA04 June 2016 Exemption from Controlled Airspace Permission Requirement for Certain Drone Operations

IAA U06 December 2019 Pending Introduction of EU Regulations in the Area of Unmanned Aircraft UAS in Ireland

IAA EU UAS Regulations Outline Outline of the new IAA EU UAS Regulations

IAA Person Registration V5 MySRS registration guide from IAA

IAA U07 Designation of UAS Geographical Zones – Issued 03/02/2021

IAA U08 National Standard Scenario (STS) – for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) Operations – No. NS-01 – Issued 04/02/2021