Flying Sites map updated

We now have 54 flying sites registered to MACI and the IAA, please check your site details on the interactive map and pass on amendments to the webmaster ASAP. Please be aware that only these sites may operate under the specific directions issued by the IAA to MACI. All other model flying areas in Ireland operate under the published SI 563 of 2015.

You will see that each club site now has a unique “Club ID” allowing us to clearly distinguish the site location relative to Irish airspace. There are 10 classifications, 9 ATC (Air Traffic control) areas and General (G) airspace. Cork, Shannon and Dublin areas extend 15 Nm (Nautical miles)  radius from runway, the remaining 6 at Donegal, Sligo, Connacht, Galway, Kerry and Waterford extend only 10 Nm.

MACI on your behalf has now completed the first stage of site asessments as per IAA guidelines, we will be contacting individual clubs in the near future to finalise the process. A total of 36 sites are located in general airspace, however the process of site asessment remains the same for all sites.

Liam Broderick, IAA Liason Officer