Welcome to the Model Aeronautics Council of Ireland (MACI)

Aeromodelling is a sport combining the thrill of flight, with skills of construction, knowledge of aerodynamics, electronics and the healthy outdoors.

Suitable for all ages from childhood up, it is fun, very fulfilling and educational. Aeromodelling has been around since early attempts at flight.

In the past fifty years the sport has come a long way, today you can build incredibly realistic model aircraft and fly them as expertly as a pilot sitting at the controls.

Radio controlled training models are reasonably priced, simple to fly and before you know you will be deciding between aerobatics, scale, or sports flying. Great alternatives are available with Helicopters, Gliders and Drones.

Scale models, as the name implies, are miniature replicas of existing aircraft either modern or from the past. They are constructed and finished to enjoy the original look of the aircraft. Aerobatic models are specially constructed to be able to fly the full range of manoeuvres including rolls, loops and spins, etc.

Gliders can either be towed up or launched from a slope and then depend on rising winds to keep altitude. Helicopters are rotary wing aircraft and of course take off and land vertically. Control line modelling uses aircraft tethered with wires and flying in a circular path around the pilot. Two or more pilots can fly combat together.