Noise Control Regulations

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No model may operate which emits more than 96-dB (A) over concrete or macadam and 94-dB (A) over bare earth or very short grass.

Noise will be measured in accordance with procedures laid out in the FAI code sportif F3A rule 5.1.2.

The noise level will be measured at 3m from the centre line of the model with the model placed on the ground over concrete or macadam. With the motor running at full power, measurement will be taken 90 degrees to the model on the right hand side and downwind from the model. The microphone will be placed on a stand 30 cm above the ground in line with the motor. No noise reflecting objects shall be nearer than 3m to the model or microphone. If a concrete or macadam surface is not available then measurement may be taken over bare earth or very short grass in which case the maximum noise levels will be 94-dB (A).

The silencer and noise level requirement may be waived by the Council for special purposes, such as flying in or practice for International or National competition, and then only at such sites and times as specifically approved by the Council on each occasion. On uncontrolled sites e.g. public parks, recreation areas, amenity areas etc., models should not normally be flown within 200 metres (Flying site guidelines Art 5) of any noise sensitive building.

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