Multirotor Operations

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This appendix sets out the current regulations which will apply to the use of multirotor machines within all MACI approved Flying sites.


The term "Multirotor" will be used to classify any model which is capable of sustained hovering similar to a helicopter but with 3 or more independent rotor drive systems. The carrying of a camera with video downlink or otherwise does not alter this classification.

These machines will be classified as "model aircraft" for the purpose of the MACI Insurance scheme. "Commercial use" as defined by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) is not covered.


The model shall be flown in accordance with all MACI guidelines as they apply to all other MACI insured classes of model aircraft.

In accordance with current IAA commercial regulations the model must be flown at a maximum range of 300M and maximum height of 120M unless otherwise limited to lesser values due to specific site locations. MACI shall adopt the same regulations for the time being.

The use of "First Person View" (FPV) i.e. using a totally enclosed monitor or goggles where the pilot has no actual view of the surroundings or their model will not be allowed without the aid of a helper. The "helper" is not required to be a pilot but a person able to watch the airspace and advise the pilot of any potential issues during the flight.

MACI FPV Racing over a closed course needs only one helper per group of pilots.

The use of an on board camera and downlink to local monitor screen is optional and its use within MACI approved Flying sites does not infringe on the current IAA regulations.


MACI will provide the option for users to hold an "A" and "B" Certificate in the class of "Multirotor". For the time being holders of the "A" Certificate Helicopter or Aeroplane will temporarily be equivalent to multirotor "A Cert" status should they require it for club purposes.

Additional relevant paragraphs and questions will be added to the "MACI Code of Safe practice" for "Multirotors".

Upon adoption of the amended schemes within the current MACI certification process and within 90 days from the date of first “multirotor” course held, all pilots will be required to be part of that scheme and temporary status is cancelled.

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