Flying Site Guidelines

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GENERAL POLICY: Our member to member insurance policy requires that model flying shall take place only from "approved flying sites" and the following shall constitute the categorisation of such approved flying sites for radio control use.

As it is impractical for the Council to inspect all sites, the final decision and responsibility regarding the suitability of any site MUST rest with the users of that site and NOT with the Council, and this principle must be accepted by all members as a condition of insurance. The Council would normally approve for insurance purposes any flying site that conforms to the following safety guidelines:

  1. The site should be large enough to provide a minimum of approx. 300m x 100m clear space, containing no buildings, people or roads.

  2. Unobstructed takeoff and landing approaches.

  3. No overhead cables, telephone wires etc. within the flying site.

  4. No overflying of spectators or carpark area due to site limitations.

  5. A minimum separation of 200m from residential buildings or other noise sensitive areas, for powered aircraft.

  6. Flying shall be limited to fully paid up and insured members of MACI at all times. No non MACI members shall be allowed to fly at any site under these by-laws other than bonafide visitors from outside Ireland who are themselves members of and insured with the relevant controlling body for model aviation in their country of residence.

The following classifications of flying sites will be considered by the Council for approval:

  1. CLUB SITES - where more than six fliers normally operate. A written recommendation of the site will be required from the club secretary or other responsible official, which will be renewed annually upon reaffiliation of the club.
    The IAA maintains a list of all clubs sites and MACI sends an updated list annually.

  2. PRIVATE SITES - where access is limited to not more than six fliers, who shall satisfy themselves that the site is suitable and reasonable for the purpose of model flying, and that it conforms to the Council's safety guide lines. A written recommendation will not be mandatory, except retrospectively in the case of a claim being made.

  3. SLOPESOARING SITES - the requirements will be the same as for private sites above. However as Slope Soaring sites are normally public areas, the limitation of numbers and spectators shall not apply for these sites. Display flying shall still be covered by paragraph D below.

  4. DISPLAY SITES - normally display flying should be done using blanket cover such as is usually arranged by the organisers. In the event of this being unavailable, written notice to the Council is mandatory on an MACI display notification form. The site must conform to the Council's safety guidelines and the conditions on the display notification form must be fully adhered to. Flying of radio controlled powered fixed wing aircraft may only be done by competent pilots holding MACI B certs.
    A DISPLAY is any event which is either planned, organised, advertised or publicised and which is intended to attract members of the general public, with or without paying a fee, at which a flying demonstration of radio-controlled model aircraft is scheduled to take place.

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