MACI Constitution

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  1. The Model Aeronautics Council of Ireland (hereinafter called the MACI) is the controlling body for Model Aviation in Ireland and shall represent Model Aviation in Ireland in all matters.

  2. The primary object of MACI shall be to foster model flying in Ireland.

  3. The MACI shall consist of all Irish Aeromodellers who register with it and pay the required affiliation fee either as club membership or associate membership.

  4. Club membership shall be given to any member who registers with MACI through a recognised club. A club shall be recognised if it consists of at least six members and provided the club shall have paid the required club affiliation fee.

    Before a new club may be recognised or an existing recognised club is registered under a different name, that club shall submit its name for consideration by the MACI executive Council. The MACI shall have the absolute discretion to decline to register any new club, or to renew registration of a previously recognised club where the registration of that club has expired for a period of at least six months, or to accept any club name, or to accept a change of name of any club.

  5. Associate membership shall be given to any member who registers with MACI individually.

    The MACI shall have the absolute discretion to decline to register a person as an associate member for the first time or to renew any person's associate membership.

  6. Other than the rights of clubs under Article 10 to be represented on the Executive Council of MACI, associate and club membership shall be equal in all respects.

  7. The MACI shall represent Ireland in aeromodelling in all International matters and shall affiliate to any organisation necessary to fulfil this objective (e.g. Federation Aeronautique Internationale and the National Aero Club of Ireland).

  8. The MACI shall make rules and regulations (hereinafter called the Competition Regulations) covering the different classes of aeromodelling. These may be amended by proposal at a Council meeting and if approved, shall appear on the agenda of the following Council meeting for ratification. No change shall come into force until ratification and after the council have notified members, either by post, electronic mail or by publication in the FlightLines. A list of Competitions Regulations shall be kept and shall be available to members at a fee decided by the Council.

  9. An Annual General Meeting shall be held once a year. Reports from the officers together with financial statement of accounts shall be considered. Policy or changes in policy may be discussed and recommendations made to the incoming Council. Officers due for election shall be elected. Affiliation and other fees shall also be set.

  10. There shall be an Executive Council (hereinafter called the Council), which shall control the day to day running of the MACI. The Council shall consist of Officers elected at the AGM together with delegates from each recognised club. Delegates shall be accepted from recognised clubs on the basis of one delegate from each club which 10 or less members who have affiliated to MACI as club members and have paid their MACI affiliation fee through the club in question, and two delegates from each club with between 11 and 30 such club members, and three delegates from each club with 31 or more such members. A club delegate may not necessarily be the same person from one meeting to another and does not require appointment or notification to MACI in advance of a Council meeting.

  11. The officers elected at the AGM shall consist of Chairman, Honorary President, Secretary General, Treasurer, Discipline Secretaries for each discipline currently offered, and FlightLines Editor and up to ten other officers who shall fill such other positions as decided at the AGM (e.g. National Aero Club delegates, Membership Secretary, PRO etc.). No one person may fill more than two posts.

    The term of office for the Chairman, Honorary President, Secretary General, Treasurer, and FlightLines Editor shall be two years and for all other officers shall be one year. For the purpose of continuity, the Hon President, Secretary General and Flightlines Editor shall be elected on even numbered years and the Chairman and Treasurer on odd numbered years.

    Where an office is vacated, for any reason, in mid term, a replacement shall be co-opted by the council, or if a co-option is not made before an AGM, a replacement shall be elected at the next AGM. In either case, the replacement officer will serve the remainder of the original term.

    No officer shall be entitled to waive any clause of this constitution or of any MACI Competition Regulations or of any by-law, except for changes prescribed under Article 33 of this constitution.

  12. The Council may co-opt not more than 3 other persons to itself to fill any other post it deems necessary (e.g. Advertising Manager, Membership Secretary, Minutes Secretary, Technical Secretary Etc.).

  13. The Council shall elect delegates or directors as required to represent MACI at National or International level or at any organisation it is affiliated to. Where the Council deems necessary, such persons may attend and vote at Council meetings.

  14. The Council shall meet at least 5 times annually. At least fourteen days notice in writing together with an agenda shall be given to each Officer and to the Secretary of each recognised club. All Officers, Club Delegates and other persons entitled to attend council meetings under Articles 12 and 13 shall be entitled to one vote save in the case of the Chairman, who in the event of an equality of voting shall have the casting vote. In the absence of the Chairman, the meeting shall elect from its members present a Chairman who shall preside for the duration of the meeting. Other persons may attend Council meetings as observers, guests or advisors at the discretion of the Council but without voting rights whatsoever.

  15. The quorum for Council meeting shall be six, two of whom must be officers. Any officer who is absent from two consecutive council meetings without adequate explanation shall be removed from office at the discretion of the Council, and his position filled by co-option. Non-attendance at a meeting shall be notified to the Hon Secretary in writing.

  16. Where a decision of the Council is required urgently and before the next arranged meeting is due, the Chairman or Hon Secretary may make such a decision on condition that he has the approval of two other officers of MACI and also on condition he has made every reasonable effort to obtain a consensus of the Council's views on the subject, and that the decision made is in keeping with such views. Any such decisions must be ratified at the next meeting of the Council.

  17. The Council shall endeavour to obtain suitable insurance cover for members of MACI. Premium for this cover shall be decided by the Council and will be included in the affiliation fees payable by all members except those members who specifically do not require insurance cover. Any recognised club which requires the insurance cover specifically extended to a land owner for use of his land as a flying site must supply proof to the Council that it is a requirement of that club, also that all its members are affiliated to MACI and included under its insurance policy.

  18. The Council shall produce at regular intervals a News Sheet to keep members informed. This News Sheet shall be called FlightLines and shall be distributed free to all members. Publication of notices or competition results in FlightLines shall be equivalent to individual notices sent in writing to members. Distribution may be by ordinary post, electronic mail or other method in accordance with any arrangement for delivery offered by the Council and accepted by a member.

  19. All member affiliations to MACI shall be made before the 31st of March each year. Clubs wishing to re-register as recognised clubs shall also do so before the 31st of March each year. Clubs or members wishing to affiliate after the 31st March shall be accepted only for the part of the year remaining to the following 31st March.

    The forms, procedures, and instructions for member and club affiliation shall be decided by the council and such forms shall be available from the Secretary General, Hon Treasurer or other officer or distributed as the Council decides.

  20. All funds of MACI shall be lodged with a Bank or Banks in such account or accounts as shall be kept by the Council. Such accounts shall be drawn on, only by cheque and signed by any two of the following persons: Chairman, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer, or other officer nominated by the Council.

  21. The accounts for the MACI made up to the 31st October shall be audited annually and certified by two Hon Auditors elected at the Annual general meeting from affiliated members not delegates of a club or members of the Executive Council. Alternatively accounts may be audited by a Chartered or Incorporated Accountant elected at the AGM.

  22. The Council shall have power to make by-laws limiting and regulating the conduct of members and to vary these from time to time, publishing such by-laws in the FlightLines. In order for a by-law to be changed it must come before a Council meeting as a proposal and if approved, shall appear on the agenda of the following Council meeting for ratification. No By-law or change to an existing By-law shall come into force until ratification and after the council have notified members, either by post, electronic mail or by publication in the FlightLines. A list of by-laws shall be kept and shall be available to members at a fee decided by the Council.

  23. The Council shall keep an up to date list of the Competition Regulations, which shall be available to members at a fee decided by the Council.

  24. No affiliated Club or Association shall hold a meeting or competition of Model Aircraft without the previous approval of the Council except such meetings or competitions as shall be organised by that affiliated club exclusively for its own members.

  25. The Council shall take such action as is appropriate to ensure the safety of all MACI members and third parties at all flying meetings in Ireland, with particular regard to the requirements of its insurance policy. All members shall be duty bound to treat security in a similar responsible manner.

  26. Only fully registered members of MACI shall be entitled to take part in any recognised competition under the rules of MACI. The Council may admit to recognised competitions the members of clubs outside Ireland which are affiliated to the relevant controlling body internationally or in their own country and provided proof of adequate insurance is presented.

  27. Only registered members of MACI shall be entitled to represent Ireland at International Competitions or World Championship Events, and then only upon selection by the Council. In selecting a person or team to represent Ireland at such events, the Council shall, wherever possible, base its selection on the performance of competitors in the relevant class. The Council may make by-laws for each class governing the manner in which such selection will take place.

  28. All registered members of MACI are timekeepers and the Council may appoint additional timekeepers from time to time. The Council may also remove any timekeeper from office. No record in Ireland may be recognised unless set up under the auspices of the Council and timed by official timekeepers.

  29. The Council shall have the power to appoint such sub-committees as it may deem fit who shall report directly to the Chairman of MACI at a Council meeting.

  30. Where in the opinion of the Council a member of MACI or a recognised club acts or has acted in a manner which was or is in breach of this Constitution or any by-law made hereunder, the Council may through a Disciplinary Committee duly appointed for that purpose and consisting of five members of MACI of whom one shall be the Chairman, none of whom shall be in any way concerned in the alleged breach, cause an enquiry to be made into the alleged breach and for that purpose shall, prior to the imposition of any penalty, notify the person or club of their intention to hold an enquiry into such alleged breach, specifying the nature thereof and giving not less than fourteen days notice of the time, place and date upon which such enquiry shall take place, giving such member the right to appear with or without legal representation and notifying them of the steps which may be taken in their absence and the penalties which may be applied arising from the enforcement of any authorised penalty in respect of such alleged breach.

  31. All MACI perpetual trophies shall be signed for by the recipients who shall be responsible for their safe keeping and return the following year in good condition. The Hon Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping a record of such signing.

  32. The AGM shall normally be held each year on the last Saturday in November or, where this is not practical, on any Saturday in October, November or December as decided by the Council. The venue of the AGM shall, wherever possible, rotate around Ireland as decided by the Council and tradition. At least four weeks notice shall be given to members. All members of MACI shall be entitled to attend and vote at the AGM. Any member present may hold one proxy, in writing; from another member provided that member is not himself present.

  33. Any part of this Constitution may be modified at an AGM or EGM summoned for the purpose and then only on a two-thirds majority of the eligible votes cast. Proposals for such changes must be submitted in writing by the proposer and seconder to the FlightLines Editor before the first day in October preceding the AGM or in the case of an EGM to the Hon Secretary with the petition for an EGM. Proposals may not be modified during discussion, except in minor points at the discretion of the Chairman of the meeting.

  34. On a petition signed by 25 registered members the Hon Secretary shall call an Extraordinary General meeting of MACI giving at least four weeks notice to members either by individual letter or a notification in FlightLines. The reasons for calling the meeting must be stated and only items notified may be discussed.

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