Competition Funding

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  1. The MACI shall allocate annually in advance of the contest season an amount towards funding affiliated clubs in the running of aeromodelling contests to MACI rules, at National and Regional level, as listed in the Contest calendar.

  2. The first allocation shall be €1900 until otherwise altered.

  3. The fund shall be drawn on for individual contests in accordance with the following procedure:

    1. Only clubs affiliated to MACI continuously for 24 months prior to an event shall be eligible to claim funding under this scheme.
    2. The MACI shall decide annually, in advance of the contest season, on the maximum amount of funding for any event. The initial maximum funding shall, until otherwise altered, be:
      • €250 for a 1 or 2 day event with entries in at least 3 competitive classes
      • €150 for a 1 day event with entries in at least 2 competitive classes
    3. Any receipts submitted to MACI with the funding application will be reimbursed for up to an additional €250 for both 1 and 2 day events. Only receipts for rental/consumable items will be accepted (e.g. toilet hire, food, refreshments, fuel, prizes)
    4. If permanent toilet facilities are available at the club flying site, an extra €50 will be paid to the club (Note: this will reduce the allowable receipts by €50).
    5. Total funding shall not exceed €500 for a 2 day event, or €400 for a 1 day event
    6. Contests shall only be eligible if the following conditions are met:
      1. Details of contest including date, venue, classes, fees, and contact names are published in FlightLines in advance of the contest.
      2. Contest is run to MACI rules using a Contest Director qualified under the MACI CD approval system.
      3. All judges are qualified under the MACI judge approval system.
      4. The results of the contest together with a report of minimum 500 words are sent to the Editor of FlightLines and the relevant MACI competition secretary not more than 14 days after the contest.

    1. All claims for funding must be made to the Treasurer of MACI, not more than 14 days after an event, on an application form (which follows) certifying all points in 3.3. have been complied with and attaching a copy of the results and report as sent to the FlightLines Editor and Competition Secretary as per 3.3(d) above.
    2. All claims shall be put before a MACI council meeting for approval before any payment is made. The Council shall, at its absolute discretion, decide on the amount of any payment to any club subject to the maximum figures set out in paragraph 3.2 above.
    3. No payment may be made if any of the conditions in 3.3 are not complied with in full.
    4. Payments may only be made to affiliated clubs. No payments may be made to individuals or groups of members other than to affiliated clubs.

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