Helicopter Nationals 10 Sep 2016

Carron, Co Tipperary 10 September 2016. By Barry Kennedy

Saturday and Sunday the 10/11th of September 2016 were to be the most important dates on the Irish R/C helicopter calender as this is the Irish helicopter nationals.

At Carron model flying club the scene was set with the flight line marked out and the judges chairs on the safety line. Declan Heneghan gave the pilots briefing and with the weather on our side we got off to a flying start.

The pilot draw was done by young Ben Stapleton and I volunteered to do the calibration flight for the judges Philip Walsh, Liam Broderick, David Higgins, Pawel Plesniak and Jamie Hourigan.

We had 4 pilots in F3N experts. William Gaule was first up, flying his Align Trex 700x electric helicopter with his usual graceful and smooth style and as always flew 2 very respectable set rounds.

Noel Campion the defending champion followed with his Thunder Tiger Raptor e700 who also flew excellent set manoeuvre rounds. Then George Ryan took to the sky, this time flying his new SAB Goblin kse with the three blade head which seems to compliment his style of fast cyclic control and quick pitch changes. I was last up but I realised I stripped the main gear on my Goblin 700 competition flying the calibration flight, so I quickly readied my backup heli and with the help of my fellow competitors I got the round in.

Dan Ahern's set manoeuvres were well improved from his last outing. Pawel then raised the bar in intermediate with fantastic flying in all rounds so the intermediates class is very close between the two.

Willy Murphy, Dan Culithan, Nick Robinson and Christian Mulder all flew very well in the novice sets and freestyle.

The bar-b-que broke up the rounds nicely and everyone enjoyed the break.

The music freestyle is the best part for most pilots and this time it was the deciding round to see who would take the title with some fabulous music freestyles. We finally had a result.

The fun fly competition was to be held on Sunday but with the weather looking poor the pilots decided to stay on a get it wrapped up so Sunday could be free for general fun flying.

We had 4 events - balloon bursting, auto spot landing, bottle knocking and the 30 second hover with lots of entries in the 30 second hover.

Pilot Class Place
Noel Campion F3N Heli 1
William Gaule F3N Heli 2
Barry Kennedy F3N Heli 3
George Ryan F3N Heli 4
Pawel Plesniak Intermediate 1
Dan Ahern Intermediate 2
William Murphy Novice 1
Donald Culithan Novice 2
Nick Robinson Novice 3
Christian Mulder Novice 4
Dan Ahern Balloon Bursting 1
Noel Campion Bottle Knocking 1
Noel Campion Auto Spot Landing 1
Nick Robinson 30 Second Hover 1

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