Details for 2015 Scale Nationals

Scale Nationals, Steve Elster,Scale Secretary

As the summer draws on, we are getting closer to the date set for the Scale National Championship, which will be held at the Laois Club flying site on Sunday 13th September. If the weather forecast is bad for the 13th (not traditionally a lucky day) we will postpone by 2 weeks to the 27th.

It is unusual to hold a National Championship on a Sunday, but that was the wish as expressed by MACI members in the online survey that was carried out in April. In order to run the event in a single day it will be necessary to start on time and to keep everything moving along at a good pace throughout the day. It would be enormously helpful if you could let me know if you are planning to attend and which class you intend to take part in. That will enable us to plan the requirements for judges and (arguably even more important) for the catering.

The entry fee will be €20, registration will take place between 9.00 and 9.20 followed immediately by the pilots' briefing. If all goes well the first flying round will start at 9.30.

Unfortunately, turbine powered models are not permitted at the Laois site due to Club Rules.

New Classes for 2015

The MACI Council has approved a proposal made by the Scale Secretary regarding Classes and Rules. These are available on the MACI website, but I will give a brief overview of each class and explain why it has been included.

MACI F4C. This is F4C pretty much as per the FAI regulations and also pretty much as we have known it for several years. The flying schedule and all K factors are as per current FAI rules. Some small changes have been made to cope with the fact that we cannot provide more than 2 judges per round, we want to complete the competition in as single day and we are not permitting the use of gyros or other automatic stabilisation devices. F4C is the original Scale Competition class, internationally recognised and rooted in scale tradition. The competitor must be the builder of the model as well as the pilot, and the model itself is judged for scale accuracy. F4C is a class for people that are both builders and flyers.

MACI F4H. This is a relatively new FAI class, and we have made the same changes regarding judges, rounds and gyros as for MACI F4C. The flying schedule is the same as for F4C (and indeed all of the MACI Scale classes). There is no requirement for the pilot to be the builder of the model, but he (or she) must have applied the surface finish. This gives rise to the possibility of entering a re-covered ARTF model, a model built by someone else or a model build by the competitor. The model is judged for scale realism (usually referred to as static judging), but the documentation required is less than for F4C, and the static judging is less rigorous. We have never flown this class before in Ireland, and it will be interesting to see how many people choose to take part.

MACI Clubman Scale. This is a class that has no "builder of the model" requirement, nor is there the need to have applied the surface finish. There will be static judging in this class, so that the more realistic and complex models will receive a reward in points over their simpler and less accurate rivals. This is another new concept for MACI classes and again it will be interesting to see how many people take part. Documentation will be necessary to the same level as F4H, and static judging will be based on slightly altered F4H rules. The flying schedule is the same for all classes, as defined in the FAI rules for radio controlled scale models.

MACI Flying Only. This is the only current MACI class that has no static judging, therefore no requirement to provide proof of scale documentation. There is no requirement for the competitor to build or finish the model, so this is the easiest class to get started in. Note that even though no static judging will take place, the model must still be a bone fide scale model, i.e. a replica of a real person carrying aeroplane.

The online survey indicated that there was considerable interest in all 4 of these classes, which is why all 4 have been included in the current set of rules. Next year's rules will be reformulated based partly on the numbers taking part in each class this year, so the best way to make sure your favourite class continues to be available is to take part in it!

The formal definition of the new classes and rules is as follows. The numbering system defines the way these rules fit into the MACI Competition Regulations.

New Score Sheets

The new rules require a new set of declaration forms and score sheets, and these are available on the MACI website. Note that these are the forms and scoresheets that must be used for the 2015 Nationals.

I hope the information above explains things adequately, email me at if you require any further clarification.

Please do consider taking part in the Nationals this year, it is likely to be the only scale competition in Ireland this year and a huge amount of effort goes into planning and organising it. Your participation makes the effort worthwhile and, as long as the weather gods cooperate, a great day out is guaranteed.

A series of unfortunate circumstances prevented the 2014 Nationals from taking place, let's make the 2015 Nationals an event to remember and a celebration of all that is good in scale building and flying.

If anyone wants to help with the running of the event, we need a scorekeeper, someone to collect scoresheets and someone to take charge of the kettle. Let me know if you want to do any of these jobs - the pay is non-existent but the job satisfaction is immense.

Wishing you all safe and happy aeromodelling.

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