Royal County F3A Event 4 Oct 2015

Royal County Aeromodellers F3A Aerobatics Event 13 September 2015. By Liam Butler

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Sunday the 4th October saw the Royal County's new field hosting its first competition. As the club had only taken up residency a few months ago there were worries that the field had not matured enough to host a competition, however, some strenuous work by club members saw the field in good enough condition so that a serious contest was assured. First to arrive was yours truly whose main job during the day was to ensure the teapot did not run dry. Shortly afterwards other club members arrived to decorate the field and assist with whatever duties were required.

The contestants then started to arrive and even though the turnout was low the competition was fairly intense with a high level of enthusiasm from all who attended. The conditions were almost perfect for flying aerobatic schedules with a grey sky and a gentle breeze blowing straight in. According to the flyers the clubs new site is ideal for flying aerobatics with long runways and flat ground from horizon to horizon. Further work has now taken place to extend one of the runways and remove a lot of the brush and shrubs that were collecting wayward models from time to time. This was also the curtain closer for the season and the last time the '15' series schedules would be flown here in anger. Next year P17 and F17 schedules will be in use.

Shane was, yet again, the man to beat in F3A-T1 winning all but one round. Even then he only slipped in round 4 due to a broken rudder hinge knocking his model out of trim as the flight progressed. The fight for second and third was a close run thing with James and Mikey continuing to improve.

After two rounds of Tier 1 and Tier 2 plus Masters a break was called for lunch. Refreshments were provided and copious amount of tea and coffee were drunk so that the combatants could refresh their batteries and be ready for the next rounds. Paul Houlihan had the distinction of coming both first and last in Tier 2. Dave Carr flew very well in Masters to take that title and it was great to see fellow Royal County club mate Paddy Gavin back in action with his venerable machine and enjoying what is his local competition.

All the usual hardware was on display, however it was noted that in Tier 1 there was only one YS four stoke with all the rest being guided with electric motors and also a couple of contras which were the power trains of choice. The models were all factory jobs and all were guided by 2.4 radio systems.

Dave McIntyre presided over the judging ably assisted by the flyers themselves with Mickey Blake driving the computer to compile the scores. With the competition over club secretary Bill Thompson thanked all flyers and helpers and handed out the prizes to the victorious contestants. As everyone packed up and headed home the day drew to a close on the Royal County's first competition and here's too many more successful days in the future.

Pilot Class Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4 Final Score Place
Shane Robinson F3A Tier 1 1000.00 1000.00 1000.00 925.21 1000.00 1
Brian Carolan F3A Tier 1 997.77 978.81 972.22 948.72 982.93 2
Michael Blake F3A Tier 1 964.29 957.63 967.95 1000.00 977.41 3
James Murphy F3A Tier 1 988.84 949.15 912.39 967.95 968.65 4
Paul Houlihan F3A Tier 2 1000.00 1000.00 1000.00 1000.00 1

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