Guide to MACI members for registering models on IAA website

Liam Butler

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Note Google or Chrome users may have difficulty with the Asset site due to its security certificate. The Guide below works perfectly well with Internet Explorer and Windows 7-10.

For first time registration go to and click on General Aviation > Drones > Drone registration and follow the instructions.

For those who have already registered go to and click on Login on RHS of top of page.

Login with user name and password.

Click on Airspace in blue menu bar and then click on Register SUA.

On the next page go to SUA Details and select type of SUA.

Fill in Manufacturer > Model > Aircraft Mass

In the Attached Devices box Select a type of device e.g. None and then click on Add Device.

If your SUA has a serial number input that or otherwise leave blank.

Input your MACI number as numbers only e.g. 1234.

(Inputting your MACI number saves paying the registration fee until end of April.)

Then click on Add SUA.

A drop down box will appear asking do you want to add another SUA, select Yes or No as appropriate.

If yes start again at Select Type of SUA and input each new model as before. As each SUA is entered a list of Entered SUAs will appear.

Review each entry in the list now and make changes as required because you will not be able to do so once the Create button is clicked.

When you are finished inputting SUAs scroll to bottom of page and Click on Age Confirmation box and/or other boxes about information as required.

Finally, Click on Agree to Conditions box and the Create button.

Clicking on My SUA(s) on the Airspace home page menu will bring up a list of all your registered SUAs.

Save the web addresses for the future.

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