A&B Cert Examiners Course and Exams

A&B Cert Examiners Course and A&B Cert Examinations

Last year we held A cert tests in all disciplines in MMFC Boora and was a huge success aided by MACI funding. So this
year on Saturday 18th May I intend to run an A&B Cert examiners course including a CD course in Boora coupled with
A&B Cert examinations in all discipline

Maci A&B Cert examiners course and CD course.
9.30-10.00 : Brief
10.00-12.30 : A&B Cert examiners course.
12.30-1.00 : CD Course
1.00 -2.00 : Lunch
2.00-5.00 : A&B Cert tests
5.00-5.15 : Debrief

A&B Cert examinations.
9.30-10.00 : Brief
10.00-11.00 : Practice
11.00-12.30 : Join A&B Cert Examiners course
12.30-1.00 : Practice
1.00-2.00 : Lunch
2.00-5.00 : A&B Cert tests
5.00-5.15 : Debrief

Tea coffee and biscuits will be on hand all day and Lunch will be free, compliments of Maci.

NB   Can all B cert members taking the Examiners course for the first time bring along a letter of recommendationfrom their respective Club, or get your Secretary or Chairperson to email me.
I do expect a large turnout for this which I think is a first for Maci and as places may be limited, a simple email to abcoordinator@maci.ie will secure your place.

As always please make sure to have MACI Achievement Scheme Test Result forms with you on the day.

And of course please don’t forget your Maci card.
Looking forward to seeing you all in Boora,
Kind regards,
Declan Heneghan.
MACI A&B Cert Coordinator