MACI AGM 2018 ( Agenda & Proposals )

2018 AGM Agenda

1. Proxy Votes

2. Apologies

3. Minutes of AGM 2017

4. Matters Arising

5. Chairman’s Report

6. Secretary General’s Report

7. Treasurer’s Report

8. Flightlines Editors Report

9. Membership Secretary’s Report

10. MACI Director’s Report

11. CIAM Delegate’s Report

12. NACI Delegate’s Report

13. IAA Liason Officer’s Report

14. Safety Promotion Officer’s Report

15. RC Aerobatic Secretary’s Report

16. RC Scale Secretary’s Report

17. Control Line Secretary’s Report

18. Helicopter Secretary’s Report

19. Glider Secretary’s Report

20. IMAC Secretary’s Report

21. Multi Rotor Secretary’s Report

22. A & B C0-ordinater’s Report

23. Insurance Officer’s Report

24. MACI Webmaster’s Report

25. Jet Secretary’s Report

26. Election of Officers (Except the Treasurer and Chairman)

27. Proposed Changes to the MACI Constitution ( See below )

28. Membership Fees




Proposal for change to MACI Constitution and By-Laws for consideration by 2018 AGM


There is now a big emphasis on proper behaviour of sporting organisations in Ireland. This includes data protection, correct procedures and controls, and possible conflicts of interest both perceived and actual. It follows a number of scandals and the Sports Council has already penalised some associations for breaches in governance and ethics.

MACI is attempting to get back the recognition of the Sports Council which was lost some years ago. One of MACI’s failures is the lack of an ethics policy.

This is the 4th occasion we have proposed such a code of ethics. The first time around it was passed by the Council but subsequently not ratified. The following 2 occasions it was rejected by AGMs.

It is really amazing that in 2018 an organisation with public membership does not have an ethics policy. There is no doubt that, not having an ethics policy may be looked on somewhat badly by authorities, but making a deliberate choice not to have one would be black mark. I dread to think what the IAA would say if they found out.

Therefor we propose MACI place an ethics policy in its constitution and the Council will be responsible for enforcing it as needed.


Add the following new Article after Article 12 of the constitution and renumber articles 13 onward accordingly:

Article 13: All officers must within 1 month of election of co-option make an ethics declaration of interests to the council in a manner and covering such items as shall be decided by the council. This declaration shall be made again on subsequent re-election and also within one month where the circumstances in a previous declaration have changed.

Note this is proposed for reasons of ethics, as any person dealing with or requested to deal with, any government, regulatory, state or semi-state body, (local, national or international) should first declare:

any connection he, or any member of his family, has with any person in the body, or associated or affiliated bodies, with whom the discussions are held

all interests, no matter how small, in any business, which he or any member of his family has, which is related, or could be construed to be so related, to subject matter of the discussions

all interests, no matter how small, which he, or any member of his family, has with any business which, anytime in the previous 10 years, has had dealings with the body involved or any associated body

Proposed: Finbar Constant, IRL 569 Seconded: Kevin Barry, IRL 82